Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware Schools (TIAAS)

The Virtual School is working with partners to promote Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware Schools (TIAAS) in the city. An Attachment Aware School is a place where resilience is promoted and where the most vulnerable children are able to recover from trauma.

We have developed whole-school training and support offer for schools seeking to develop skills and awareness on their journey to becoming a Trauma Informed Attachment Aware school. In taking up this this offer, staff are equipped with new knowledge and skills which enable them to apply trauma and attachment aware strategies in school which supports both pupil and staff well being.

We are working with 3 key partners to deliver this offer:

ARC’s Call to Action tells more about the importance of TIAAS.

Join our Call To Action | ARC (

Some of Wolverhampton’s schools have already been recognised for excellence in their practice. Low Hill and Highfields have won The Timpson Award, a well respected and valued national award.

The Switch Project and St Michael’s C of E Primary have also received nominations and were shortlisted.

City of Wolverhampton Council