About us

Virtual School Team

Head of the Virtual School

Darren Martindale - Darren.martindale@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Senior Education Advisor / Operational Lead

Rachel Crowley - Rachel.crowley@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Advisory Teacher

Alison Ackasovs - Alison.Ackasovs@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Senior Education Support Officer / Enrichment Lead / UASC specialist

Amarpal Bagri - Amarpal.bagri@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Education Support Officers - In city schools

- Atika Haq - Atika.haq@wolverhampton.gov.uk
- Stacey Burton - Stacey.burton@wolverhampton.gov.uk
- Will Piercy - Will.piercy@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Education Support Officer – Early Years and in city specialist provisions

Maggie Evans - Maggie.evans@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Education Support Officer - Out of city schools

Jasmin Bains - Jasmin.bains@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Post 16 Advisor

Helen Woodvine - Helen.woodvine@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Data Manager

Sheryl Prior - Sheryl.Prior@wolverhampton.gov.uk


Denise Gooden - Denise.Gooden@wolverhampton.gov.uk

School Improvement Advisor for Children with a Social Worker

Tracey Lecointe - Tracey.Lecointe@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Education Support Officers

Our Education Support Officers are the direct link between the Virtual School and the schools our children and young people attend. Working in tandem with each school’s Designated Teacher for Looked After Children they offer strategic and practical support using restorative and solution focussed approaches. They oversee the development of Personal Education Plans, offer advice and provide 1:1 interventions working directly with our children.

Interventions available include:

  • Behaviour Support e.g. anger management, social skills, engagement, self-esteem…
  • Academic Support e.g. Turnabout Programme
  • Transition support – in-year transfers and key stage changes
  • Therapeutic interventions e.g. Lego-based therapy, drawing and talking….
  • Bespoke packages tailored to individual needs.


  • Wolverhampton Virtual School
    Children and Young Persons Services
    Priory Green Offices
    Whitburn Close
    WV9 5NJ

    Tel: 01902 556951
    Email: virtual.school@wolverhampton.gov.uk
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