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ARC – The Attachment Research Community


The Attachment Research Community (ARC) supports schools and settings to develop best attachment and trauma aware practice. ARC is a charitable organisation set up in 2017 with a mission to support all schools to be attachment and trauma aware by 2025. We encourage all of our schools to join ARC to support the development of their whole school approaches to ensure they are fully Attachment Aware and Trauma informed in their practices.

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Coram Beanstalk

Coram Beanstalk equips adults and young people to 'do reading' better with children because the more children encounter confident, capable and inspiring support with their reading – at home, in school and in life – the more they are likely to get on and stay on the path to becoming a reader.

Beanstalk provide our participating schools with volunteers – who provide consistent support to children who have fallen behind and need more intensive or longer-term help to change their attitude to reading and build their reading skills, ability and confidence. They also seek to which bring the motivation of the wider school community, and of older students, to help ensure that children at risk of falling behind or becoming reluctant to read stay on track.

Our Beanstalk work with our early years setting and into primary phase education by helping children develop their key pre-reading skills, as they are learning to read and as they go on to become effective readers who, rather than disengaging because other uses of their time seem more attractive, continue to choose to read independently because they know it brings value to their lives.

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Catch 22

Catch 22

Preventative and targeted intervention for individuals at risk of being drawn into or harmed by gangs and support for entrenched gang members to move on through viable alternatives.

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Power 2

Works with young people with different levels of need and support, helping them to exert more positive control over their lives and to live safely as they progress towards adulthood.

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Base 25


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Switch Midlands

Switch Midlands


Switch Midlands is committed to supporting ‘at-risk’ young people in schools. To achieve this we believe that cost-effective, targeted early interventions are vital and we have several options available to referring organisations.

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Barnado’s support and protect children and young people facing a wide range of issues, from drug misuse to disability, from sexual abuse to domestic violence and believe that with the right help, children can change their lives and achieve their potential.

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Wolverhampton STAR Service


SAAAB Through Sport

Promoting professional practice and encouraging a proactive response to supporting young people to manage their own behaviour.

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City of Wolverhampton Council