Children and Young People

Your Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Your personal education plan (PEP) meeting is all about how you are doing at school and how to ensure you get the most from your education opportunities.

Why do I have a PEP?

Your PEP is part of your care plan. It aims to support you to make the best of your education so that you achieve to the best of your ability.

When will my PEP happen?

You will then have frequent meetings review progress, usually termly. Meetings are most often during school time but speak to your social worker and teacher if you would like it at another time.

Who will be there?

You, your teacher, your social worker and your carer. Sometimes a representative from the Virtual School and any other professionals that work with you may be there too. You can invite anyone else who is important to your education. Your social worker and teacher will talk to you about it before it happens. You will be asked for your thoughts and feelings about how things are going at school before the meeting as nobody knows better than you about how you feel about school.

Your thoughts and feelings are really important in this process.

This meeting is all about your education so it is useful for you to attend too, so everyone can work towards your goals not just what they think is best for you.

What happens at the PEP meeting?

We will talk about:

  • how you are doing at school
  • the progress you are making
  • anything you need help with
  • any out of school activities you want to get involved in
  • setting targets for you to achieve

Hopefully, at each review you will have met or made progress towards meeting the targets set and new targets for the term ahead will be set. If you have struggled to meet targets or need more help, this will be discussed and arranged as required.

What happens after the meeting?

You and the people involved in the PEP will make sure the actions are carried out so that your targets can be achieved.

If you move school your PEP will be passed to your new school so they can learn about your education so far, and a new PEP will be arranged to ensure your progress can continue and any support you need is put into place.

If you have any concerns about school, you don’t need to wait for your PEP review, just talk to your social worker or teacher about it.

Pupil Premium Plus

Your personal education plan (PEP) meeting is all about how you are doing at school and how to ensure you get the most from your education opportunities.

Pupil Premium Plus

Pupil Premium Plus is funding to help you improve your educational attainment and enhance your learning.

The Virtual School gives this funding to your school or education setting and it is used to fund any support and interventions that are agreed at your Personal Education Plan meeting.

If you would like to find out how your Pupil Premium Plus funding is being used, you can ask your school, social worker or contact your Virtual School Education Support Officer.


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