Parents and Carers

Parents and foster carers play an extremely important role, providing the much-needed support and security, to enable a successful journey through education and transition into independent adult life.

Research from the University of Oxford shows the positive impact quality, long-term foster care can have on the educational outcomes of looked after children. Analysis of surveys of children and young people in care has confirmed the positive influence had on their education by individual teachers, school staff and having someone who genuinely cares about their progress.

How to promote the education of a looked-after child at home:

  • Have a home which promotes a learning environment and supports their development, providing appropriate space and resources to engage in education activities including computers, technology, books and study spaces
  • Have access to a range of ‘level appropriate’ educational resources to support their learning
  • Offer opportunities beyond the school day to engage in activities which promote learning
  • Support the child to attend school, or alternative provision, regularly
  • Work with the child’s education provider to maximise your child’s achievement and to minimise any underachievement. You can do this by supporting the educational targets that are set at the PEP
  • Maintain regular contact with school, college or other educational setting by attending meetings and advocating for the child where appropriate, helping to overcome any barriers to academic progress

For more information refer to section 9 of CYPIC Education Policy.

On-line learning resources

During Lockdown a wide range of on-line learning resources were made available to support parents and carers with home learning. Many of these resources remain active and may be useful. A list of sites can be found here.


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