Pupil Premium Plus

All children and young people in care are eligible to be supported by the funding, although the VSH can exercise discretion as to how much, if any, allocated to individual schools.

Wolverhampton currently allocates £1900 per pupil, per annum, to schools to support the educational progress of each Wolverhampton child and young person in care. This money will be sent directly to the School in 3 termly instalments. Occasionally, a greater or lesser amount may be allocated because it is recognised that some pupils will require more support, or a more specialised form of support, than others. Pupil Referral Units and alternative providers, where they are a child’s main education provider, will receive the funding in the same way as schools. If they are the subsidiary provider the funding will go to the school the pupil is main rolled at.

The remaining grant will be retained by the VSH. This is to strengthen the work of the Virtual School, to enable interventions to take place for high tariff pupils (e.g. specific assessments, tuition or interventions), as well as to support training for key partners. In some cases, the funding may be to fund initiatives to support a group of Wolverhampton children and young people in care, including those placed both in and out of the City.

Please see documents available in further reading section for more information / guidance on the use of Pupil Premium plus.

City of Wolverhampton Council