Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service provides schools with advice regarding learning, behaviour, emotional and social development, and mental health; assessment of needs; and planned interventions to promote learning and support psychological wellbeing.

The service seeks to work proactively with schools to ensure there is early identification of children who might benefit from support and a graduated response following an assess, plan, do, review process in order to meet their needs. Schools will be expected to have engaged with the Educational Psychology Service in advance of seeking a statutory assessment, so that the assessment can be based on appropriate evidence already collected and supported by the psychologist working with the school. Wolverhampton’s Virtual School works very closely with our EP Service to support our children and schools. We also have a small team of dedicated Psychologists that are specialists in the area of Children and Young People in Care who work closely with us both proactively and reactively to support our children and the staff working with them in schools across the country.

Furter Information on Wolverhampton’s Educational Psychology Service and what they offer is available here.

A range of training and CPD is available to schools and other professionals from our Educational Psychology Team.


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