Children and Young People

Wolverhampton’s Virtual School is a service made up of dedicated individuals to support the education of children in care and previously looked-after children. Our mission is to champion your educational needs, helping you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We work closely with you, your teachers, your social worker and other key people in your life. We share the same aim…. to help you achieve your very best in education. We are your ‘extra’ school!

We want you to achieve your full potential, and for you to be in a position where you are able to gain employment and/or further education following year 11 and post-16 education.

We have a team of Education Support Officers who work closely with schools, and the important people around you, to make sure you have the educational support you need. We are here to ensure you feel safe, enjoy and achieve in education from 0-25.

If you want or need something to help with your learning let your teacher or social worker know, or you can also contact us at:


City of Wolverhampton Council