Educational Achievement and progress

For many children in care, school life can be very challenging.

They frequently find it difficult to trust adults; their educational experience may have been disrupted; and their capacity to build and maintain friendships may be impaired. They benefit from good, inclusive schools, with well trained staff who understand how to support and challenge them.

Good schools can be the key to their success. School can provide the stability they need, can be their safe place in a turbulent world, an opportunity to excel, a route map out of their difficulties into a more positive future.

This links below capture the experience of good schools who have worked well to support children in care. There is no secret as to how we support children in care to make progress and achieve their potential in school.

Good schools, which take time to get to know their pupils and sees to meet their individual needs, schools with a solution focussed, restorative and relationship driven ethos will take on the task naturally.

City of Wolverhampton Council