Positively you workshops!! Starting Monday 7th February 2022

Positively you

About the Workshops:

As part of our drive to help our children and young people to re-engage and flourish in their education opportunities after an extended period of disruption, Wolverhampton Virtual school is working in conjunction with ‘Positively You’ to deliver a programme of online support seminars. The sessions will be aimed at our secondary and post-16 cohort initially, but we are also exploring sessions for our younger cohort for the Summer term.

‘Positively You’ is the UK’s leading provider of education workshops which aim to inspire and empower learners by providing tools and techniques to support their learning and exam success. The workshops are high impact, high energy and interactive. We have carefully selected and put together an 8 week programme of workshops for students, carers and parents as we head towards the exam season.

‘Positively You’ has an excellent reputation in delivering high quality, fully researched, tried and tested sessions. We believe that with the right tools and techniques, learning really can be fun and will be working together to upskill and raise standards whilst arming our children and young people with the drive, attitude and confidence to succeed.

The programme is in the final stages of development and nearing completion. Subject to final confirmations, we will launch on Monday 7th February 2022 and will run every Monday evening until the Easter break.

Workshop Timetable

Workshops will be accessed as TEAMS meetings, which most of us are familiar with using. We will need your email address to ‘invite you’ to the workshop.

If you need a link to join the workshop and haven’t received one, please contact Denise Gooden with your name, email address, school and year group.

Supporting information

Please see the following documents for further information:

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